[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]One of the most interesting new projects on the Romanian electronic music scene is a DJ and Producer under the name of Radu Dracul. Radu Dracul has a broad understanding of musical culture, and you can easily sense the impact that the German Dark Techno has had on his music, being a true advocate of this genre and cultural movement.

The first release of Radu Dracul came on KneeDeepInSound records, the respected Record Label of British DJ & Producer HotSince82. The EP is Entitled “Dance System” and includes 2 songs:

The first one gives the name of the EP, a tune which has the power to move throughout all the prestigious techno clubs, starting from Berlin and then all around the world. The most notable and interesting part of the song has to be all the acid elements that keep you in the mood for raving.

The second song of the EP is entitled “Limelight” and the most delightful part of it is the fact that this tune stands at the edge between groovy house and dark techno, again having some acid elements and a provocative bassline.

Radu Dracul is a mysterious person, saying that he prefers to let the music do the speaking for him. He will start speaking to the electronic music fans from now on, with numerous upcoming releases in the next period. Keep an eye on his social to discover the misteries he has to uncover.

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