“Come with me”:

It’s not only the name of his first release, but also an invitation into Daniel Carter’s musical playground. It’s an invitation to a place where, once you get in, it’s really difficult to get out, as you’ll get hypnotized by the pure tech house rhythm he’s been developing in the last few years.

His first track is entitled Come With Me and it’s an absolute monster, snarling and growling, making its way through your sound-system with a deep and solid bass-line, catchy diva vocals and pure tech house rhythm.

Hailing from Bucharest, but having Britain in his mind and soul, Daniel Carter is undoubtedly the unexpected blend between the British Tech-House sound and the Romanian passion for underground music. After spending his teenage years trying to find his sound in the UK, he has now relocated in Bucharest. Daniel has spent countless hours in the studio , truly dedicating himself to create a rich and powerful club sound.

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