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November 1, 2019

Joris Voorn is coming to Bucharest on December 7th to kickoff his new album, called \\\\ (Four).

The Dutch artist is going on a European Tour to mark his new album, and luckily has a stop in Bucharest, Romania. This is your chance to see him live, in an event that is sure to be charming and fascinating.

This party is the first of the new concept, called “Statement”, and it will be hosted in a lovely, open space location, called Deschis Atelier, close to the city center. If you’re into electronic music, there is definitely nothing better that you can do on December 7th than seeing Joris Voorn, so we count on your presence on the dancefloor. Support acts from Radu Dracul and JB will warm up the crowd and make sure that they dance until very late in the morning.

You can buy your tickets HERE.

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Before we start the party, you can practice your dance moves with some of Joris’ hottest tracks.