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May 7, 2018

Dj Optick

He has been literally shining, over the latest years, on the Romanian electronic music scene. DJ Optick (Bogdan Moldovan) was also the public’s choice for the latest Nights.ro Awards editions.
He is also one of the “usual suspects” blend-in for the great dance events, festivals, club gigs, performances held in front of a public varying from several hundreds to tens of thousands of people. Optick’s best feature will always be his mixing “style”, a true show that awarded him his immense popularity.
In 2004 he made the top 3 Romanian DJs and during the following year he topped that, too. DJ Optick took home awards for several sections: The Best DJ, The best Romanian Electronic Production, The Best DJ Set (Liberty Parade). The Liberty Parade 2006 anthem, “Feel Good”, went on air for the “Essential Selections”, broadcast by Pete Tong, at BBC Radio 1.”Feel Good” was officially released with Wasted Youth, Australia and Roton Music Romania.
It is also said that he is one of the Djs that makes his public love electronic music, go clubbing and appreciate a quality show. This passion and “impulse” materialized in the “Next Level”, a cosmopolite clubbing concept radio show, whose beats are as relevant today as they used to be at its launching.
Starting with 2005, Optick began experimenting with musical production and he executed several remixes for Romanian artists like: Miki, Activ or Voltaj. Given the immediate success of the 2 Voltaj remixes, “Eu cu mine”, made in collaboration with Avi, the Roton Disc House decided to launch them on CD and vinyl.
There followed the partnership with one of the most appreciated Romanian producers, Ciprian Lemnaru, releasing “Maya” together (premiering on the Ibiza Global Radio) on the Dutch label 90watts records. This particular piece stepped on the second place among the best Romanian electronic productions in 2009.
DJ Optick was one of the favorites at the 2010 Nights.ro Awards. The public voted for him in several sections. Optick is seen among the third best Romanian DJs and his tracks mounted up to the maximum score. This is an artist that needs no introduction. It is said that a good DJ is the one that can guess his public’s expectations, knows how to move his public and is permanently connected to its mood. It seems that Optick has actually achieved all these criteria and this little detail positioned him in the first Romanian DJ’s League (second place). 

Generally, it is very difficult to find the balance between being a great DJ and a talented producer, but when this balance comes through, you can call yourself a complete artist. The best musical production (of the electronic genre) in Romania, in 2009 designated its winners – Optick scores a double success with:
01. Vibers feat. Tara Mc Donald – Revolution
02. Optick & Ciprian Lemnaru – Maya (the premiere was on the 16th of October, 2009, during the “IBIZA DANCE” at the Ibiza Global Radio)
Optick proved to be sensational at any club gig he attended, the same as any important dance event. He took home the big award at the Best Romanian DJ Set for the performance given at the Liberty Parade 2009.
Probably the most important prize at the Nights.ro Gala was the one received for the Best Romanian Clubbing Radio Show in 2009.
“Next Level” is DJ Optick. When you decide to club party, you do this because you’re led by one thought only – DANCE DANCE DANCE – when you can turn 2 hours of radio broadcast in an absolute party, it becomes clear that you are addressing a clubbers’ community that shares the same passion electronic music.
After releasing his Ep with Ciprian Lemnaru, Connected on 90 Watts Records, at the beginning of 2010, a new production is dued to relase on 5th of june on the same amazing label the remix for Jens De Langer’s Arturian Armitrage.
Optick’s hard work from the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010 starts to pay off towards the middle of 2010. Working with these two amazing young talents from Romania Sllash & Doppe brought for this new team two amazing tracks, Ningua and Ikra, accompanied by two excellent remixes from Samy Wentz and Julien Sandre, tracks to be released in july 2010 on the exclussivist label Natural Rhythm.

Stay tuned for more!

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